March 4th- March 8th , 2024


Super Reading: Chapter Book (15-30 minutes) Super Reader

Currents 4 Kids: Click Here: ''Arshdeep Bains Living the Dream"

Microsoft Office 365: Click Here:  Word/PowerPoint

Basic Facts:  "0-10 x's facts" (

Hit the Button: (Click Here) (Math Practice! Timestables)

Math: Multiplication/ Division/ Decimals and Fractions / Word Problems

Language Arts:  Reading-Writing Connection

Spelling: Unit 18 (Syllables/Online Dictionary)

Music: Recorders (Scale of 'C' and AU Claire De La Lune)

Dictionary/Thesaurus: Click Here for Kid's Dictionary Online

Science:  Matter/Salmon "Click Here"

Social Studies: The Explorers/ Discovery/ Canada Begins

Keyboarding:      (Click Here) All The Right Type (Home Row)