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January 23rd to 26th

HOME READING - Read at home 20 mins. Keep your Superreader nights tracked in your planner! Mrs. Falk is looking for new 100 night readers!

* One Book One School - Egg Marks the Spot - Reading schedule this week: Monday - Chapter 4, Tuesday - Chapter 5, Wednesday - Chapters 6 & 7, Thursday - Chapter 8, Friday to Sunday - catch up time


Egg Marks the Spot - Chapter 2 Questions & Chapter 3 Visualizing

Egg Marks the Spot - Chapter 4 Questions on SpacesEdu

WRITING - Free writing in class focus: creating a story that leads to a problem and then has two different endings

HANDWRITING - Uppercase T & F

MATH - Practice X6

Jan. 24th Fraction Compare

Finish 'Comparing Fractions with Different Denominators' task on SpacesEdu

Finish 'Fractions in Different Forms' task on SpacesEdu


SCIENCE  - Human Body - Digestive system

FRENCH - French - practice weather, colours, and numbers to 60!


Comic Life Storyboard - in prorgress


1) Everfi: Digital Wellness & Safety - students can continue finishing the Ignition course by clicking here and logging in

2) Learn/Practice keyboarding at All the Right Type (make sure fingers are on home row!)

3) Keep up to date with Mathletics assignments by clicking here

4) Practice French here:

French Number Practice:

1 to 20

21 to 50

51 to 70

71 to 100