Library Schedule

The Library is open on Tuesday and Thursday for 2023/2024. I am usually here before and after school also. Please do not enter the library if I am not in.

Books Allowed Out

  • One Book - Kindergarten 
  • Two Books- Grades 1, 2 & 3  
  • Three Books - Grades 4, 5  

General Policies

The school library is for all to enjoy and use.  A continued effort is made to keep our library collection in good condition.  In an effort to keep books circulating and providing access to the library collection, the following policies apply to all staff and students:

  • Students are encouraged to return books each week on their library day.  
  • Books can be renewed, but must physically be brought to the library for renewal.
  • Students are responsible for items they check out.  If an item is lost or damaged please report it to Mrs.Falk.
  • Damaged or lost items may be billed to provide a replacement copy for the library.

Book Handling

Please make sure you take care of the books from our library. Here are some tips to keep our books in great shape:

  • Don't eat or drink while reading books
  • Store your books in a safe area at home where they won't get spilled on, lost, or found by a pet
  • Find a safe spot in the classroom to store your books that is not your desk
  • Put your books in a different slot in your backpack than your lunch
  • Don't give your friends your books to borrow, if they lose them or damage them, you have to pay for it!